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AmeriGutter is proud to be the #1 Gutterglove Gutter Guard dealer for Ma, RI & Ct. 


Gutterglove's stainless steel filter keeps out everything but water, guaranteed. Rated #1 by several consumer reporting agencies. Strong cast aluminum housing, not vinyl or light gauge metal. No birds, bees or even dirt can enter! Doesn't’ attach to your roof and can be installed on new or existing gutters.

Gutterglove come in a heated and non heated design: 

Above: Gutterglove

Above: Gutterglove's Non Heated Systems

Our Competitors:


mesh Guards

Clogged mesh gutter guard


Gutter Helmet

Bee's nesting under Gutter Helmet


Englert Leafguard

Dirty nose on Leaf Guard prevents water flow


Leaffilter* sits flat so the filter clogs with pollen, moss etc.

My personal experience with installing gutter covers:

    As a business owner working in the RI, Ma & Ct area I want to provide products to my customers that will not only satisfy there needs, but will also save my company time and money from having to return to unsatisfied customers homes to unclog their gutters.

    We've tried the so called reverse curve systems like Gutter Helmet * and Leafguard*. We spent almost $9000.00 on a machine to make covers almost identical to  Gutter Helmet * but with in 6 mouths customers we’re calling us back with complaints.

    The problems we identified were built up gook on the nose of the front curve of the Leafguard  preventing water from flowing around the curve into the gutter. Also the rain would pick up debris and the debris would flow with the water, around the gutter helmet curve and into the gutter clogging the down spouts.

    The cure that Leafguard &Gutter Helmet have for this is to put a large 3×4 commercial down spout on which is costly, looks too big on the home, and the debris that flow down the 3×4 down spout would clog underground french drains. We also had small birds squeeze threw the small Leaf Guard opening and nest inside the gutters , bees nesting inside, damaged roofs and voided roof shingle warranty’s from lifting the shingles to install the gutter guards , and complaints about the size of the system taking away from the curb appeal of there homes. We also tried the cheaper mesh type covers , but these system would collapse with the weight of snow and clog almost as quickly as a gutter without covers .

    The reason for this is the small debris like pine needles and maple seeds can get threw the small hole and even a small amount of this debris can make a “rats nest’ type clog over the hole for the down spout . We were just about ready to give up on gutter guards when I discover product called LeaffilterLeaffilter with a stainless steel filter solved all the above problems but had a couple of short comings, one is the filter is not attached at the factory but instead need to be glued on with caulking on the job site by the installer, we have had a number of filters that have come loose and falling off the housing. Second its that the housing is made of vinyl and tends to warp in the heat of the sun, finally the fact that product sit flat on top of the gutter it would collect debris on top of it causing water to run off the top.

    Finally a manufacturer came out with a product which solved all of Leafilters and other manufacturer short coming and we are happy to be the areas authorized dealer for GutterGlove guards. GutterGlove has recently received the highest rating with the leading consumer reporting magazine as the best gutter guard on the market! Its stainless steel filter will not let pine needle, maple seeds or even dirt enter the gutter, nothing but water! It is installed on top of the gutter and is attached by screws to the front lip of the gutter so there is no potential for damaging roof shingles, it is almost invisible from the ground and because it sits at a 20-30deg angle a stiff breeze is all it takes to blow off any leaves on top. 

    We’ve been installing filtered covers for over ten years now and we no longer have any angry customers.  I’m proud to say we have the very best gutter  guard on the market to offer our customers and it’s not just me saying that, it the leading independent consumer reporting agencys as well!

Brad Perry
Owner of AmeriGutter





*Leafguard, Leafilter and Gutter Helmet are registered trade marks